How Covid Virus Pandemic Changed Our Lives – Positive Side

How Covid Virus Pandemic Changed Our Lives – Positive Side

It’s been a year since the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 ( covid ) virus pandemic, turning our lives upside down and challenging life as we knew it. Suddenly, just like that, out of concern for our personal health and the health of our loved ones alike, we were forced to alter our behavior in virtually every area of social life. Locked in our homes, we isolated ourselves from other people. Where possible, most employers introduced remote work. And in the case of schools, they closed and opted for online education instead. To prevent the further spread of the virus, most countries began to introduce restrictions and limitations. And unfortunately, it had a big impact on our family and professional life, but also on our psyche. Our social contacts and friendships were limited only to sending texts via messengers and online platforms. If we wanted to see someone, the only way was via video calling at the time.

Positive side

This article will not describe the negative effects of the pandemic; nor will it dabble about the mental health side effects of COVID 19 virus. Pessimists probably see only negatives in this whole situation, but guess what, there’s a positive side to the story.

I’m not going to convince you that nothing is happening. Each of us probably has enough of these black scenarios: the pandemic will never end, we will have to wear “muzzles” all the time (it is not about an object put on a dog’s mouth … :D), etc. But none of us really know how it will end. Just logically: if there is a person in the world who can predict the future, instead of dealing with fortune-telling on the Internet, a few months ago he would have started the production of a mask and would now be a millionaire. Right? The best solution is to wait it out and not become paranoid … So, if you think it is very bad, this post is for you! Today, you will look at the world from a completely different perspective.

So what are the changes to our lives that we may actually be appreciative of and thankful for?

We read and cook more during pandemic

Lockdown made us more willing to do things we simply lacked time for. Many of us decided to spend our free time revisiting our favorite books, on which dust had settled over time. Cooking can also be included among the activities that most of us simply did not have enough ambition for. Instead of cooking delicious meals in our own homes, many of us chose the easy way, opting for the convenience of ordering take-out and delivery. And now the time has come for many of us to finally discover our culinary passions and abilities in the kitchen. Spending a nice time with family could also involve preparing a meal together.

After all, we care for the elderly

Everyday, older people- e.g., grandmothers, grandparents..- take care of us. They look after our children when we go to work, or when we want to go somewhere on holiday. Now it is our turn to repay them. Everyone knows that older people are more susceptible to contracting the virus, not to mention suffering the more serious health outcomes. Yes, this virus has no respect for the elderly. Therefore, to protect them from disease, young people began to shop for their elderly, and deliver the goods to their doorstep. Even more, older people are learning to use the internet in ways previously judged impossible, and this is evidenced by the ever-increasing rates of older people being connected to the net.

Remote work instead of working in an office

Who hasn’t dreamed of getting up in the morning, having a cup of coffee, and making breakfast without any rush? Probably most of us. The introduction of remote work is here to stay, and it has brought many benefits, including:

  • spending more time with our children,
  • no stress about being late for work,
  • fuel savings (we didn’t have to drive to work by car),
  • working from wherever we want (in a comfortable bed for example),
  • less sick leave,
  • flexible working hours,
  • and most importantly, we are more efficient.

As you can see, remote working has had a good impact on us. Some employers have stuck with work-from-home post-lockdown due to better job performance. Others have introduced hybrid models, while others have brought back desktop mode. More about positive side of remote work you can find here:

We appreciate every day in face of the virus

For safety reasons, we were forced to confine ourselves within our four walls for longer periods. Each of us clearly felt the lack of opportunities to meet family and friends, to go to the cinema or to play outdoor sports. Many of us breathed a sigh of relief when we could finally get out into the woods or the local park.

Now that covid virus pandemic restrictions are slowly subsiding, many of us are using this time for activities we once underestimated. A picnic with the family by the lake, a bicycle trip, or a rest in the bosom of nature — as the lockdown measures began to ease, people are realizing that they do not really need a lot to be happy. Humans are enjoying the simple activities. Chekc out the article about free time

We saved more money

The corona virus pandemic has also had a positive impact on our finances. The restrictions and limitations have resulted in the closure of most sectors in the economy, e.g., cinemas, theaters, restaurants, hotels, clothing and shoe stores, etc. The only thing left for us then was online shopping. Traveling was also impossible, so we had to postpone even the short weekend trips. And so we accumulated some money on the side, causing our savings to increase, and thus our bank accounts gained a few pounds. Most of us can now afford to go on a shopping frenzy (especially for women), book a longer holiday, or redesign our dream kitchen, etc. 🙂

All in all

As you can see, the corona virus pandemic brought us a lot of positives. In its aftermath, we started to look at the world differently. Life was so fast-paced that we actually needed a break, to reflect and re-evaluate. Suddenly there was time for trips with family, meetings with friends, or reading sessions. We’ve taken a step back from a truly hectic world to breathe better and learn to enjoy the simple things that matter.