5 Weird Yet Very Real Obsessions

5 Weird Yet Very Real Obsessions

Obsessions are no joke, especially if (or rather when!) they turn into full-fledged addictions. Alcoholism, excessive smoking, and uncurbed drug use can not only ruin an addict’s life, but also can emotionally and mentally maim their loved ones. But not all obsessions are as.. “mundane”. Some, indeed, are so bizarre, so seemingly devoid of any sense that they will undoubtedly baffle even the most open-minded folk. Intrigued? Of course you are. Keep reading to learn about 5 weird yet real obsessions.


We live in a consumerist society, but that doesn’t mean we should consume anything that we happen to lay our eyes on. Well, some people would disagree. Geophagia – or the obsession with eating dirt – is weird but it’s also as real as you and me. Of course, those affected by this rather peculiar condition do not feel any genuine pleasure from feasting on this earthly delight. As is the case with most obsessions, it is involuntary. 

Scientifically speaking, eating dirt is part of a broader eating disorder called pica, which can best be defined as an insatiable craving for non-food items. It may sound weird or even funny, but people with Geophagia have nothing to laugh about. If they happen to “overdose” on dirt, they may get seriously ill or even breathe their final breath. World’s a scary place, isn’t it?  


Humanity’s progress has for years been synonymous with people learning how to augment the reality around them. But it wasn’t until 1917 (the birth of modern plastic surgeries) that humans started seriously experimenting with augmenting their own bodies. Today, most plastic surgeons mostly focus on minor facial adjustments, enlargement or reduction of certain body parts, and corrective surgeries. But that’s not always true. Some patients – or rather customers – go above and beyond what is considered normal. In other words, some people are uncontrollably obsessed with getting plastic surgeries.

Now, you may scoff at it, picturing rich pompous plutocrats lavishly splurging their ostensibly infinite funds on vain pursuits. While that may be true in some cases, there are also “regular” people who fall prey to endless plastic surgeries. After all, these procedures are becoming more and more accessible. Whether one is rich or not though, excessive plastic surgery can deform you, physically hurt you if they are botched, or even rid you of your sense of identity. Unconvinced? Check out this video about a woman who devoted her life to achieving “true beauty.”


This one’s probably the most well-known obsession on the list, but that doesn’t make it any less weird. Kleptomania, or the obsession with stealing, is not the same as petty theft. The latter is done for profit or out of some form of desperation. The former, on the other hand, is done… for the very sake of stealing. Kleptomaniacs aren’t criminals, at least not at heart. Their compulsive item snatching is simply too potent.

The fact that this mania can be kind of problematic is a given. Kleptomaniacs have to constantly watch themselves when out shopping unless they want to be labeled as thieves. In fact, sometimes they don’t even realize they’ve stolen something until they get home. You may think it’s weird to subconsciously steal something, but that’s the reality for loads of people all around the globe.


Some obsessions, such as constantly getting plastic surgeries, have some kind of sound motive. In this case, it’s the desire to be flawless. But there are manias that are so weird that they cannot be logically explained whatsoever. Trichotillomania, or compulsive hair-pulling, is just that.

Interestingly, even after you prevail over whatever caused you stress, you may be left with the inexplicable habit of pulling your hair. Now, there is no point in trying to explain to Trichotillomaniacs that they’re harming themselves, that they’re potentially marring their appearance. They are perfectly aware of both these facts. Their obsession simply outweighs any concerns they might have for their own well-being.


There’s hardly anything nicer that you can do for another human being than handing them a gift. It can be small, impractical, or silly, but as long as it’s a sign of genuine love/friendship, they will appreciate and cherish it. (If you’re looking for some cool gift ideas, check out this article)

Those who give gifts with reluctance or don’t give them at all are generally looked down on and shunned, and for a good reason! But what about those who give too many gifts? Or whose gifts are a little… over the top? Well, they’re just being generous, or they really care about you. What’s the harm in that? Well, nothing, really, unless, of course, it turns into a full-fledged obsession. I’m talking about Doromania – obsessive gift-giving. While it might not lead to any readily obvious physical harm, buying a lot of expensive gifts can seriously jeopardize a Doromaniac’s personal finances.

But where does it come from? Why are some people obsessed with giving gifts? Well, it’s connected with the fear of rejection. In other words, in many cases, Doromaniacs are so determined to be accepted by others that they make sure that their gifts are anything but ordinary.