Spending 8 hours per day at a desk filling in Excel spreadsheets or providing customer service can sometimes be frustrating and boring. Sometimes we drift off with our thoughts and imagine what it would be like to change career paths and take up a more interesting job. Right enough, every profession has its advantages and disadvantages, and what may seem tedious to some may be extremely enjoyable to others. UNIQUE & INTERESTING JOBS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD

Here is a list of the most interesting and unique professions that actually exist on planet Earth. If you fancy a bit of madness in your life, perhaps the professions below might inspire you to kickstart a new career doing something more spicy!


This unusual profession exists in Venezuela, specifically in Caracas. In order to reduce the number of accidents on the road, the mayor of the municipality of Sucre has employed 120 mimes. Their job is to remind drivers of the traffic regulations in effect. The mimes have been specially trained to appear on the streets. They show off their great skills in white-painted faces and clown-like clothes.

In practice, the mime threatens the driver with the finger and prevents them from starting too early, as well as ordering them to slow down at the yellow light. If someone parks incorrectly, his face turns into a huge grimace. What’s more, he threatens with his finger when a motorcyclist enters the pavement and unexpectedly steps onto the carriageway while showing a red light.


This job involves developing a line of ice cream. The ice cream developer is in charge of creating new ice cream flavors, testing them and estimating how well they can meet customer tastes and preferences. This job may seem easy, but it is not the easiest. After all, it’s hard to come up with a flavor that hasn’t been innovated before, isn’t it?


First Choice, a company that supplies water slides to pools around the world, has hired a water slide tester. Tasks include: checking the safety of slides, assessing splash heights and the overall enjoyment of the ride. Working as a tester is both enjoyable and dangerous. This is because the tester has to check the safety of the slide before it is allowed to be used.


Good food for our pets must meet certain quality standards. Testers, who are in charge of tasting dog food, mainly check its nutritional value and composition. Their duties also include tasting. Such a tester earns roughly $50,000. Good job!


This person is responsible for securing and preparing the body of the deceased for burial. This may include: disinfecting and embalming the corpse, selection of clothing as well as make-up. It is thanks to these people that we are able to approach the deceased during the funeral ceremony without being intimidated by the potentially not-so-appealing aesthetics.
Due to the specific nature of the work, the embalmer takes orders seven days a week and has irregular working hours. They must provide all the tools necessary for the work on their own. The estimated earnings of an entry-level embalmer are around $2,100.


A very pleasant job. If someone is lonely or lacks affection or contact with other people, they can use the services of a professional hugger.


This profession is carried out by Jordana Serebrenik, who lives in New York. She professionally catches cats and puts them into baskets. This makes it easier to take the animal to the vet or take it on a journey. If we decide to use Jordana’s services we have to pay $80. If you have a problem catching an angered cat, it is better to go to a specialist who will help you catch it safely.


This is the sweetest job in the world! The person in this position is responsible for creating new flavor combinations involving chocolate. The original name of this profession is ‘chocolatier’. Not only does a chocolatier create new flavors, but also take care of devising the forms that chocolates are to take. With a job like this, it’s hard to hold the line, don’t you agree?

The above list of unique jobs may not have suddenly caused you to throw your employer’s notice across your desk, but perhaps they will inspire you to reconsider the career choices you’ve made. Maybe you end up following a hidden passion that takes your career in an entirely unexpected direction.

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