Green Tea to Go- All the Benefits of 绿茶

Green Tea to Go- All the Benefits of 绿茶

The history of green tea began a long time ago, over 5000 years ago. Emperor Szen-Nung was relaxing in his beautiful garden. Just then, a leaf of tea fell into his kettle of hot water; the rest, as they say, is history. Asian culture- including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.- holds green tea in high regard. In Asia, the beverage is a source of health and youth; doctors praise its effect on the body, while cosmetologists swear by its beautifying effects. Many people owe good health and a beautiful appearance to the regular consumption of green tea. Green Tea to go- all the benefits of 绿茶

Away from Asia, newly “enlightened” Westerners are quickly waking up to the importance of green tea. We’re talking freshly brewed green tea on an empty stomach. Or a matcha unsweetened green tea to boost productivity at the office. Or maybe a Jasmine green bubble tea with tapioca pearls for dessert. So here is why the Western world should take a break from its obsession with coffee and learn to appreciate the miracle that that is green tea.

Supports Weight Loss

Japanese researchers have observed that daily consumption of three cups of green tea over a period of three months results in a weight loss of about 1.5 kg- that is, without dieting. This is due to catechins, which accelerate metabolism through the activity of digestive enzymes. These substances also inhibit the absorption of fat and glucose from food.

It is crucial, that the freshly-brewed green tea is consumed between meals and not during, as this can hinder the absorption of vital nutrients. Check out the articles about sugar substitutes here.

Green Tea as a Beauty Elixir

Regularly drinking 绿茶, or “Lu Cha”- meaning green tea in Chinese- goes a long way in keeping our skin in good condition. Not only does it help maintain a better complexion/texture, but it also minimizes the appearance of blemishes and discoloration to a certain extent. It additionally helps reduce stress, it also promotes a radiant and well-rested appearance. It also helps reduce puffiness and swelling. The combination of consuming the infusion with a proper diet and regular exercise helps slow down the aging processes of our body. For example, you can soak cotton balls in cool tea and use it to wash your face. You can make a compress for tired eyes using cool, drained ones.

Prevents Periodontitis and Gingivitis

Green tea has anti-cariogenic properties thanks to its high fluoride content (strengthens the enamel) and the antibacterial action of polyphenols. Moreover, this beverage fights bad breath. Your partner will be supportive of your green tea endeavours.

Strengthens Brain Functions

A fresh infusion (tea brewed up to 3 minutes) stimulates and refreshes; it increases mental and physical capacities of the body, facilitates learning processes, improves associative abilities and concentration..

Reduces the Cancer Risk

The green tea infusion is also famous for having strong antioxidant properties. It eliminates free radicals, thanks to which it effectively protects our DNA against the harmful effects of carcinogens, and strengthens cell immunity. Regular drinking reduces the risk of developing breast, skin, lung, stomach, pancreatic and colon cancer.

Boosts Body Immunity

The beverage helps in the proper functioning of the immune system thanks to its composition of polyphenols, catechins, teamin and amino acids. Catechins have a positive effect on the immunity of our body, supporting the body’s natural defences, and protecting it against various types of infections.

Limitations of use

Despite the many benefits of drinking green tea, we must also be aware of the potential downsides. Drinking eight cups during the day is considered excessive consumption. As with everything, moderate consumption is key. Side effects of consuming too much tea can include anemia, stomach problems, calcium deficiency and osteoporosis. Drinking the brew is not recommended for people who take high blood pressure medications or drugs that interact with the nervous system. Pregnant women should also limit consumption, because the tea may negatively affects the development of the fetus. Whatever your condition, make sure you consult your doctor or medical practitioner for medical advice.

Proper Brewing Techniques

According to connoisseurs, green tea is the only tea leaf that can be brewed three times, always with excellent results: the first brew gives a wonderful aroma, the second a great taste, and the third an “everlasting friendship” as they say.

It is important that green tea is brewed with soft water as hard tea reduces the release of some compounds. The appropriate temperature for brewing tea ranges from 60 to 90 degrees Celsius. To be sure, check the information on the packaging. The right temperature depends on the type of green tea and the size of its leaves. After pouring water (preferably mineral water), keep the infusion covered for up to 3 minutes.


Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the world. It is a source of antioxidants and nutrients that have a huge impact on our body. It not only supports the brain’s work, but also helps in weight management, reduces the risk of cancer, etc.. Frequent consumption of this drink, as you can see, can bring us only benefits. However, do not exceed the daily tea intake, a few cups of tea will more than get the job done. If you drink green tea regularly, you can expect results relatively quickly. A more healthy “look”, a better self-image, sharper focus, more radiant and lustrous skin..