10 Stereotypically “Female” Habits that Men Should Practice

10 Stereotypically “Female” Habits that Men Should Practice

Women are generally more knowledgeable and better informed when it comes to health habits, skin hygiene practices, and beauty products. But obtaining a healthy skin, for instance, can in no way be confined to a particular sex or gender orientation. Men specifically need to free themselves of archaic stereotypes and insecurities. Whatever a person’s sexual orientation, everyone aims to have healthy skin, lustrous hair and a shining bright smile. Nobody wants to have pimples, or rapidly-ageing skin; even worse, nobody enjoys a skin outbreak! Here are 10 Stereotypically “Female” Habits that Everyone- including chivalrous, “real” men – should practice everyday.

Skin Exfoliating

Exfoliating is a very practical habit that anybody really can incorporate into their weekly routines. Just go ahead and buy yourself a soft scrub from the nearest supermarket. Twice a week, apply the scrub on your body during your shower as a means to getting rid of dead skin. You’ll realize that exfoliating gives your skin a glowy finish.

Face Masks

Whatever your skin condition, there’s a face mask for you. Whether it is a skin detoxifying mask, a hydrating mask, an exfoliating mask, a moisturizing mask.. Applying a face mask gives us the chance to dedicate precious time for our body and skin. Sometimes, the weekly wear and tear that our body endures warrants us to do more to regenerate from the stress on our skin and facial tissue. Try it out.

Unibrows or Monobrows

Monobrows- on women it’s “gross” but on men it’s totally acceptable, right? Wrong. Nobody should ever be allowed to judge you based on your appearance. Yes, people are beautiful in all forms and shapes. But when it comes to monobrows, it’s far from clear-cut. Unless you’re rocking the monobrows as your signature look, then maybe you’re open to trying out a “cleaner” look?

Moisturize with Creams

It might well serve you to moisturize daily before going to bed. Working long hours takes a toll on our body. Moisturizing our body, hands and feet with lotion or cream may provide the skin with ample nutrients. It may also soften the soles of your feet, often rough as a result of wearing shoes. Your partner will definitely realize, and your efforts will not go unnoticed. Moreover, if you’re beginning to have wrinkles, applying creams will go a long way in delaying the ageing process, and giving youth a new lifeline

Bacteria Ravaging your Skin- Clean your Pillowcase

Dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria.. Did you know that all these accumulate on your pillowcase? For those who get facial pimples on a regular basis, the situation may be preventable. The secret may lie in the unwashed pillowcase you sleep on. Wash your pillowcase every week, or maybe every other week, and notice the differences. Your skin will likely be much less vulnerable, and much less prone to developing pimples. Your family and friends will also notice your lustrous smile.

Sunscreen- Protect Yourself from the Sun

The sun plays a big role in determining your skin health in the long-term.  Indeed, the sun is a primary determinant of how fast skin ages. Thus, it is essential to wear sunscreen daily, especially if you’re exposed to significant amount of sun.

Antioxidant Serums- An Additional Layer of Security

Moreover, note that UV light is still able to damage your skin despite wearing sunscreen on. Thus, as an added layer of security, it might help to apply an antioxidant-rich serum under your SPF of choice, thus giving your skin the ingredients to reverse any potential damage instantaneously.

Pubic Hair and Armpits

Pubic hair is back in fashion. Yes, liberalizing the body of social constructs and outdated norms is important in cultivating healthy body imaging and celebrating the body in itself. But it’s not acceptable to walk around with strong body odor, no glory there. Instead, feel free to at least groom your armpit hair so as to maintain a clean look and reduce unwarranted odors at the office. Same applies to pubic hair downward of your waist line. It gets sweaty down there- a hotbed for bacteria and moisture-loving creatures. For hygiene’s sake, maintain minimum hygiene standards- especially if you expect the same of your partner.

Get a Pedicure

We take foot health for granted. But for those of us who go to work, take the stairs or tram, and exercise.. our feet need a break! Regular footcare should become a priority, for many reasons. The first is that bacteria and fungal diseases are waiting to punce at the first chance. Getting a pedicure ensures your feet are clean, while additionally exfoliating your feet and ensuring better circulation. Moreover, getting a pedicure is a real way to escape our hectic world, just sit down, and relax. We all deserve a day at the spa.

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