Unusual facts about drinking coffee

Unusual facts about drinking coffee

Black and strong espresso, creamy cappuccino, velvety milk foam for a latte … everyone has their favorite coffee. Many meetings, whether business or personal, begin with coffee. This drink brings you closer, shortens the distance, and unites you. Most of us can’t imagine a morning without drinking this delicious cup of coffee. There are so many types of coffee and ways of brewing coffee in the world that you can get lost! In order to

I encourage you to read the article below to choose the perfect variant of this noble drink!


A coffee infusion made by brewing ground coffee beans. The name “espresso” comes from the Italian adjective espressivo – expressive. Espresso has an extremely intense flavor. It is most often served with a small amount of still water, thanks to which we can cleanse our taste buds to fully feel the richness of the drink’s aroma.

A perfectly brewed espresso has a nut-brown foam on the surface called crema. If you are a fan of latte or weaker coffee, espresso will not be the perfect choice for you: D


Another coffee drink you should try is a cappuccino, which is known worldwide. The cappuccino is made with espresso coffee. Then 100 ml of milk is added, which should be 125 ml in volume after frothing. The milky foam has a creamy consistency.

Cappuccino coffee was discovered by the friars of the Capuchin Friars Minor – Cappuccini in Italian. The name “cappuccino” derives from the color of the Capuchin habit, which is brown and white.

Flat white

A coffee drink originating in New Zealand and Australia. The coffee is similar to the cappuccino but without milk foam and chocolate powder. Flat white is more intense than cappuccino or latte because it consists of a double shot of espresso. The milk is foamed so that a thin layer of froth forms on the surface of the coffee, and the whole drink is pleasantly creamy and milky.

Café Latte

Latte is one of my favorite coffee drinks. The classic version of latte is the combination of frothed milk with a portion of coffee. However, more and more often we can find latte coffee with the addition of cinnamon or honey. It is served in a tall glass, on a saucer, and with a long spoon. Latte not only looks nice but also tastes great! Interestingly, each of us can prepare such a coffee drink at home. All you need is a coffee machine, coffee, and a milk frother 😀

Espresso macchiato

The word macchiato from Italian means “stained”, so an espresso macchiato is nothing but an espresso stained with milk. It is a classic Italian espresso, gently touched with frothed milk. A small amount of added milk does not change the taste drastically, it only serves to break it down. Thanks to the presence of milk, the coffee becomes more delicate, although it still remains a very intense drink.


Something for chocolate lovers!!! The perfect combination of aromatic, intense espresso coffee and thick chocolate. Who would resist such a set! Unlike latte or cappuccino, mocha coffee cannot boast of a delicate milk froth. But it does have other delicious additions, such as whipped cream or cinnamon sprinkles. The aromatic coffee aroma in the morning is a real pleasure for our palate and a large dose of energy! Most of us cannot imagine life without this delicious drink 😀 It accompanies us at every step: at work, during social or business meetings, at home.

Frappé – Iced coffee

My list also includes a drink that will be perfect for hot days – iced coffee 😀 The base of Frappé is instant coffee, milk, and ice. Interestingly, the drink was invented by accident, by a Nestlé employee. He did not have access to hot water, so he poured the coffee into cold water and poured between glasses until no foam formed. And that’s how the name of the coffee drink was created – Frappé 😀


There are so many types of them that everyone will find something for themselves: for the busy – espresso, for the lovers of foam – latte, for lovers of sweet drinks – Viennese coffee. As you can see, there is a lot to choose from: D Interestingly, most of these coffees can be made at home. It is enough to have an espresso machine. A few tries and maybe you will become a great barista!